25 th December, the best day of the year!                             On Christmas we bought a Christmas tree I loved decorating it. Then we bought Christmas lights for our windows . I couldn’t wait for Christmas!🎄🎄🎄                  At the afternoon the day before Christmas we rapped the presents for our neighbours🎁. Then we had  to sleep 😴 moving side to side bearly closing my eyes 👀. Finally, I went to sleep 💤 . “ CHRISTMAS! CHRISTMAS!” I shouted excitedly. I went and opened my presents 🎁 while my brothers were rapidly running down the stairs. I opened my presents ( and boy were my presents were amazing). After that, we had Christmas dinner we had turkey but before I ate we opened our Christmas crackers POP! POP! POP! They went we read some jokes, put on some hats and got little things.After dinner 🥘 I was extremely good ending Christmas with a Christmas movie 🍿.

From Gamila😊


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