Spiciest Homework of the Week…

…is Zak!

Take a look at his blog post about our Class Author, J.K. Rowling below…

‘Here are some AMAZING facts about the, equally amazing, author of Harry Potter: J.K Rowling!

Her real name is Joanne Rowling(no middle name) but her publishers thought that her pen name should be different…

The first Harry Potter book, which was the philosopher’s stone, was rejected by 12 DIFFERENT PUBLISHER BEFORE FINALLY BEING ACCEPTED!

Over 400 million of her books have been sold! Wow, that’s a lot of books!

She shares the same birthday as the legendary Harry Potter!

J.K Rowling’s parents met at King’s Cross station, where Harry goes everyday to get to Hogwarts!

J.K Rowling came from being unemployed to a multi-millionaire in five years! Wow!!!’

by Zak


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