Perfect Passwords to stay safe online

Year six have been creating some sample passwords they could use to keep their information safe when they are online. Look at some of our ideas:

  • Alexi and Daniel created this one using a phrase and symbols: F0o=B^()I$GRE^+_1738
  • Mikayla used numbers and parts of her name: 1nt1M1ka510

What do you think a safe password needs to have?



5 thoughts on “Perfect Passwords to stay safe online”

  1. Aiya agrees with Miss. Pickering: “Use a password with a mixture of symbols, numbers and letters; maybe with secret word that will remind you of something, and no-one knows.”


  2. These are some really smart passwords. Well done! Here’s a question.
    Do you think you are not allowed to share you’re password with ANYONE, not even your parents or closest of friends?


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