Inspiration Day – Australia

Inspired by the settings in ‘Mirror’ by Jeannie Baker, today, Year 6 have taken a trip to Australia, along with visiting Year 4 in Morocco!

In addition, Year 6 enjoyed guiding Year 4 on their tour of Australia; we hope you enjoyed the ANZAC biscuits, we made for you all; we certainly enjoyed the cous cous on our stop in Morocco!


3 thoughts on “Inspiration Day – Australia”

  1. Wow! Year 6, what an exciting day! What was your favourite part of the day?
    Did you see any famous land marks when using the VR headsets.
    I can’t wait to see how this project develops throughout the half term!
    Miss Pickering


    1. Hi, Miss. Pickering!
      Our favourite part of the day was using the VR headsets; we journeyed to Sydney, Australia; full of beautiful blue skies (unlike the rainy weather, here, today!)
      Aiya spotted the Sydney Opera House. too!
      Year 6


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