Mega Hot Chilli Alert – Alayna, Abdul and Shayan!

What an amazing few weeks of takeaway homework we’ve had in Year 4! From Alayna’s perfect Parthenon, to Abdul’s top-quality quiz and Shayan’s remarkable Roman gods work, I have been thoroughly impressed! Keep up the incredible independent work Year 4!

Kangaroos and Camels by Year 4.

Traffic moves slowly, like a trail of snails.

Cars shout at each other with loud horns, barking like dogs.

Kangaroos, as rough as a riverbed in a drought.

The sea shines and shimmers like stars at night.

The smell of freshly baked bread flies up nostrils, making people greedy.

Hot mint tea, an emerald liquid that tastes like paradise.

coarse dry dust wafts into eyes, turning them as red as the desert.

Spicy seeds tastes like the sun.

Camels as hairy as an old man’s beard.

Pots filled with spices, all the colours of the rainbow.

Lantern’s flames, dancing like ballerinas, casting, shifting shadows.

Our new story by Abdul and Denzel.

Once apon a time there was a dragon who swooped down from the heavens and grabbed a princess the Jinns were the ones who sent the dragon.They put the princess in a spell and hid her. There was a person strong and brave who was called Abbas who wanted shelter from rain he found a crumbly dusty house and went inside he said hello is anyone here. A hand with a torch beckened at him come inside he said if you stay here you will brake the spell Abbas never  knew anything about it.and said ok he went to a place with a big warm bed. Then a army marched in with clubs they hit Abbas viciously then the army departed.The hand came in with medicine and healed Abbas.The same thing happened the next night the hand healed him again the same thing happened the next night but this time the princess healed him. He had broke the spell of the evil jinns now the mission of the poor person was to find her he searched everywhere then he gave up. Then the princess saw him in the carrige she had agreed to marry another prince.Then she jumped out of the carrige.And said this man saved my life.He must be my prince the poor person became very wealthy and rich and ruled morocco for .the rest of his life he had food every day and  never missed a meal by being to poor  Abass had a nice comfy house with diamonds, gold, emarald and money for ever.

The prinsses and the porper muneeb and Dylan.

There was a dragon the dragon got sent by the evil jinns and he needed to find a shelter becomes it was raining he found a shelter sudnly he sound a hand the hand shed follow me he follow the hand and then he sound a big bed he sleeped in the bed for 3 days and he got beated up by the jinns they had base ball bats and rocks poodkdkdjdddmdmdmemon it and glass and the next day the hand appears.

The Princess and the Pauper by Trishna and Raanija.

Raanija’s story map
Trishna’s story map

There was a princess who got snatched by a furious dragon. Then came a poor  pauper who was looking for a shelter.After that he found a palace and inside he saw a misterious finger bekoning him towards a wonderfull bed.Next Morning Abbas got beaten by the jinns  three times .Then the Princess healed him.So the spell of the jinns was broken.After that the Princess disapeared.So the Princess decided to marry another prince because Abbas was lost .Then she saw him near the carriage.

                          STOP AT ONCE!

Shouted the Princess. Then she got out of the carriage and ran to Abbas, she grabbed him in to the carriage and married him . Then they ruled Morocco for many, many years.

Princess and the pauper love Muroog and Sara

Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess. An evil dragon swooped down and snatched her away. Abbas a young orphan who was looking for shelter from the rain found a dusty crumbling house to protect him from the rain. A finger beckoned him and he was led up a flight of stairs. A bed was in the corner of the room but during he night he was attacked by an army with clubs.


The Princess And The Pauper By Hasan and Ahmed.

A long time ago there was a beautiful princess who was driving in her carriage.

A vicious dragon snatches her away . All the princes were trying to save her but no prince came with good news. “At last, I couldn’t find her” One day there was a pauper called Abbas. He needed shelter but he found a crumbled building. He entered the house and saw a bed so a hand appeared and the hand beckoned Abbas.When the hand beckoned him and he went towards the hand.The hand said “Stay for three nights and you will break the spell of the Jinns”the hand said calmly.So Abbas stayed the first night a group of an army beaten Abbas up.The second night he got beaten up by the same that beaten him in the first.The third night he saw a an army,the same army beaten him up in the second night and the first night.Abbas waited for the hand and he waited so many hrs and the hand appeared in front of him.The hand gave a weird potion to heal Abass.Then Abass went out the house that was very crumbledwhen it was raining.The princess was marrying another prince then Abass came over and she saw Abass and married Abass and they ruled over Morocco for years and years.THE END.




Are new story by Yahya and Samad

The story is called the princes and the pauper. Ones up a time there was a dragon who snatched the princes angrily by the spell of the horrible Jinns. Abbas a poor man was looking for a shelter because it was raining. Suddenly a hand appeared and said come come.He found a room to sleep sudently the hand touched him he woke up and felt strong the hand said you have to stay for 3 nights and you will brake the spell of the Jins.Then suddently a army came and beat him up.Next he Stade three days and he broke the spell of the Jins. The third day the princes appeared and cuord Abbas. Suprisingly the princess disappeared and she went back in the castle and she desired to marry one of the princess  and sor Abbas and Mary’s Abbas. THE END.

The Princess and the Pauper by Abdel and Leya

Once upon a time inMorocco there was a princess who was snatched away by an evil dragon. Abbas an orphan but also a very brave man was looking for a job. It began to rain and he found shelter in an old crumbly house. A finger beckoned him to a flight of stairs. He was beaten with clubs every night for three nights but stayed so he could break the spell and release the princess

Our story of the princess and the Pouper

Me and Zoe have been making a story map on a story we have been looking at our class story the princess and the pouper. Me and Zoe had to draw pictures

This is my story map of the Moroccan story the princess and the porper-zoe     This was really fun making. The story is very interesting and entertaining but still scary at times.


to show the part of the story                                                                                              Zoe: Me and Emily have been working very hard on our story maps.                     Just to let you know the story is set in Morocco

Emily and Zoe

The story is about a princess and a very poor poor person known as a pouper and his name is Abas.The princess was under a spell and the pouper went on a very dangerous journey to save the princess and he saw a hand that beckoned  him into a castle and he slept in a warm bed for three nights and got beaten up by an army who had massive clubs! The princess got captured by a dragon who was under the spell of the Jinn and did you know that the clubs had lots of spikes on.