Year 3’s Inspiration Day!

Year 3 have loved our ‘Mirror’ inspiration day! We’ve been discovering everything there is to know about Moroccan rugs and why the carpet is so special in our class book, ‘Mirror’. We have even had a go at weaving our own Moroccan rugs! It was very hard but not a single one of us gave up and we remembered our school motto- ‘I Can Do It’. Check out our photos to see our wonderful work!


3 thoughts on “Year 3’s Inspiration Day!”

  1. Year 3, what a busy day you’ve had!
    I’m so glad to hear that you remembered our school motto ‘I can do it!’ when making your own Moroccan rugs.
    Why is the rug so special in the ‘Mirror’?
    Did you like the morrocan mint tea? I do!
    Miss Pickering


    1. Sarah says, the rug is so special in Mirror because it connects the two boys and their lives even though they’re from different countries and have different lives. Some of us thought the mint tea was delicious and scrumptious, but some of us thought it was disgusting!


  2. I love your rugs, Year 3! I haven’t been to Morocco but I did spend time in Afghanistan training teachers and I saw people making rugs by hand. The children help to knot the rugs and wash them in the river afterwards. In school they also learn the special names for all the different colour silk yarns and are taught what all the symbols in the rug mean.


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