Homegrown Hero: Mia

As today is Children in Need, Year 3’s Homegrown Hero is an inspirational young girl called Mia. Mia is a 10-year-old girl from Cardigan in Wales, who is currently battling with a very rare form of bone cancer called Osteosarcoma. As it is so rare, it is very hard to treat, which means Mia has been living in hospital for the last few months. Unfortunately, Mia has also had to lose her leg during her battle with cancer. However, this young girl is determined to not only beat the illness, but she has huge ambitions for her future!  Her ambition and the smile that she still has on her face in spite of everything is why she is an inspiration to us in Year 3 and is why she is our Homegrown Hero. Take a look at our thoughts and comments about Mia and her bravery…

Friction Experiment

Today in science we were testing the effect different surfaces have on friction. We did this by trying to pick up jelly cubes with the back of metal spoons. We changed the surfaces by coating one jelly cube in sugar, one in oil and the third jelly cube was left as normal. Can you predict which one was the hardest to pick up? Remember to explain your prediction!

Year3 and year4 hockey tournament from Jayden.

  • Yesterday year3 and year4  played a hockey match in fire fit  when  it was Australia vs  agitating   Abdullah  scored  a  amazing goal he had good performance in  that match. The  next  match was  Netherlands vs  Germany  it  was one  nile because shukri  scored a fabulous goal  she  did  some  good performance in that game. The next match is agintena vs Germany  it was one nile because abdullah scored a winning goal.

Report about the hockey tournament!

Yesterday year 3 vs year 4 in a hockey tournament in fire fit.First Aregintina vs Australia.🇦🇺🇦🇷.Abdullah scored the first goal for Aregintina he booted it and GOAL!!!by abdullah.Then the first match was finished.Next match was Germany 🇩🇪 vs Netherlands 🇳🇱.germany has the ball then Germany shoot…….GOAL!!!by osamah.Then the match was finished and Germany won that and Netherlands lost.when all of the matchs where finished we went to beat year 4 the first match with year4 was Aregintina from year3 and Australia from year 4.The match started and it was for 8 minutes.The match was on and Aregintina got the ball they dribbled the ball but they got tackled by year 4 was on the ball aand they scored.but the match was finished so year 3 lost the hockey tournament  

Year 3 and 4s tournament! By Emily and Sarah

So yesterday we had a hockey tournament with year4 and…They won!First year 3 played against each other until the semi finals.So Australia Team,Osamah and Jahkyra tried to score a goal And they DID! So they scored a perfect shot Their score was 1 which is quite good.So Netherland team has been trying really hard to score a goal but sadly  they didn’t but they tried there best so their score is 0.The Germany team did very well into scoring a goal so they got that ball right across the room and straight into that goal ,So that means they scored 1 point which is pretty good.Now the Argentina team has beeen lovely to see, Lamya did score  a super good goal all the way across the room so they got 1 point. The thing is that year 3 has tried their hardest to win and year 4 won sadly and we kindly supported them and it was really fun even if we didn’t win.








About the Hokey tournament!

  1. First we had a wome up and we split up to play a  numul game of hokey we had different teems the teem was Australia vs Aregintina.Abdullah scored for Aregintina he got 4 goals He booted it staright in the !!!  2.we had a real game vs year4 and year3 Year4 won but well do year4 you tryed really hard and they is another teem they is  vs . By Jahkyra

science experiment by Emily

hi year 3 its Emily and we are going to recap what we we have learnt about light in science.Most things give out their own light and some do not for example the moon might seem that its giving its own light but its not because when the moon comes out the sun goes behind it so the moon shines because of that light.Some things reflect light ,for example a mirror reflects because the light would bounce of it.

The Stone Age By Sarah

Did you know that the Stone Age lasted for 300,000 years ago well let me tell you more So,The people during this period of time were hunter gatherers. They hunted animals with spears then ate them, and used their skins and bones to make clothes and tools. They also would have caught and eaten fishshellfish, insects (like grasshoppers and grubs) and reptiles like lizards or tortoises.The Stone Age is the name given to the earliest period of human culture when stone tools were first used. The Stone Age ended when men began smelting metal.The woolly mamthons was instinked like the Stone age its never existed anymore.