Year 2’s visit to Chester Zoo

We have just got back from the zoo and have had an amazing day. We saw so many incredible creatures and even got up close and personal to some of them! Check out some of our photos from today and leave a comment about your favourite part of the day or which animals you enjoyed seeing and why.

Ayub getting to know the primates!
We loved the orangutans!
Olivia was so brave letting a beautiful butterfly land on her!
Even the local wildlife was exciting…

Investigating Microhabitats

Last week we explored our forest area to discover microhabitats and the different mini-beasts and plants that live there. We observed what mini-beasts lived underlogs, around plants and trees and under fallen leaves. We decided to present our findings using ICT and created our own pictograms.

Bawan searched under logs
Rand was looking at different living things in microhabitats
collecting data
Fantastic pictograms


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Fantastic Habitats

Last week, we researched different British habitats in our science lesson. In pairs we created fantastic fact files. Click the link below to research a habitat you haven’t looked at before. Leave a comment tell me your interesting  facts and you will receive a prize and 10 house points!

Get researching!