Happy New Year Everyone!

Welcome back to Year 2 after a lovely long holiday! New Year is always a good time to reflect and look back on the year we have had so far. Last half term was very busy for us, here is a reminder of some of the amazing things we did together. After looking through this post, why not comment with your favourite memory of Year 2 so far?

Miss Byrne

Entrepreneur Week In Year 2

We became T.E.D for the week- Toxteth’s Extraordinary Design Company.

Portraits in the style of Pablo Picasso

Andy Warhol inspired portraits

Lamya was very creative when decorating cakes!
Our wonderful art gallery.
It was a sell out!

Key Stage One Christmas Production ‘Gnome Alone’

Norman and the other elves
The Grooming Fairies
All the teddies and toys