Year 2’s visit to Chester Zoo

We have just got back from the zoo and have had an amazing day. We saw so many incredible creatures and even got up close and personal to some of them! Check out some of our photos from today and leave a comment about your favourite part of the day or which animals you enjoyed seeing and why.

Ayub getting to know the primates!
We loved the orangutans!
Olivia was so brave letting a beautiful butterfly land on her!
Even the local wildlife was exciting…


Our stimulus last week was ‘Let’s pretend we knew everything’. We had some amazing discussion about what this would be like. We now need a question to discuss in our next philosophy lesson. Comment with your questions and it could be the one we choose!

Remember some useful ways to start our sentences are:
Would the world be a better place if…
Would you rather…
Is it possible…

British Music Experience

This week, year 2 were very excited to visit the British Music Experience at the Cunard Building. We had our very our guided tour by one of the friendly staff and then we had the chance to explore the exhibition ourselves. We even got to play some new instruments!

Comment with something that you learnt or enjoyed during our trip 🙂

Nasir had fun creating his own music.
Faisa loved the guitars
Bawan rocking the drums!