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Here are some AMAZING facts about the, equally amazing, author of Harry Potter: J.K Rowling! Her real name is Joanne Rowling(no middle name) but her publishers thought that her pen name should be different... The first Harry Potter book, which (More)
As kick off starts Real Madrid are doing superb passing and Isco has the ball. He's crossed it. Morata!!!! Its a goal for the Galacticos! Its his first goal for Real from the move away from Juventus and what a start! Excellent cross from Isco down to (More)
At first when the match started the birthday boy, Angel Da Maria scored a perfect freekick to make it 1-0 to PSG! Then the 21-23 year old newbie, Julian Draxler scored his first goal for PSG after a move from VFL WOLFSBURG! Then at half time it was 2 (More)
Last Friday, I had an exemplary morning. We went to the amazing Planetarium in the famous World Museum and we watched a rather fascinating show called We Are Aliens, telling us whether we are alone or not. Guess what? No-one knows. If there was l (More)
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