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As kick off starts Real Madrid are doing superb passing and Isco has the ball. He's crossed it. Morata!!!! Its a goal for the Galacticos! Its his first goal for Real from the move away from Juventus and what a start! Excellent cross from Isco down to (More)
At first when the match started the birthday boy, Angel Da Maria scored a perfect freekick to make it 1-0 to PSG! Then the 21-23 year old newbie, Julian Draxler scored his first goal for PSG after a move from VFL WOLFSBURG! Then at half time it was 2 (More)
Last Friday, I had an exemplary morning. We went to the amazing Planetarium in the famous World Museum and we watched a rather fascinating show called We Are Aliens, telling us whether we are alone or not. Guess what? No-one knows. If there was l (More)
Well done to Zak for his excellent newspaper front page on Brazil - he included several stories and even included a word search! Keep your eye out for a copy of the 'Brazil Echo' in your local newsagents! (More)
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