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During our 'Stop, Drop, Swap and Read' afternoon,  we enjoyed reading through our 'Potter's Pyjama Party' Reading together, sharing our favourite reads, drinking hot chocolate and eating cookies was the agenda of the afternoon! [gallery column (More)
[gallery columns="4" ids="543,544,545,546"] Year 6 have been busy baking cupcakes to sell and raise money for 'Children in Need' today! Measuring ingredients, stirring and icing, resulted in a lot of happy faces, enjoying their delicious creati (More)
Yesterday we were doing some maths of the day.We partnered up and one person had to do an obstacle course whilst the other waited for them to get back with a maths question in their hand. Then we placed the brackets in the correct position to allow t (More)
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This morning, Year 6 started their collaboration work with The Greenhouse Project; taking in the sights of our city and the origins of the people that live here, we discovered an endless list of interesting facts from our tour guide, Curtis! What (More)
[gallery columns="4" ids="477,478,479,482,475,476,480,481"] It really was speedy and competitive in Maths, this morning! The Problem-Solvers group were super when actively practising their .B.I.D.M.A.S. skills, today! (More)
Challenge: Can you report on the latest events from Chapters One and Two of 'Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone' - summarising in your own words?   (More)
Dear Year 4, I'm writing to tell you all about J.K Rowling since she is our class author;we are reading harry potter.I will tell you some facts i know about her,she was  born in 1965 also she was  25 when the Philosopher's Stone was out in (More)
In 2016/2017 I was a Junior Lord Mayor. After my inauguration ceremony I got to know the months that I was shadowing the lord mayor of Liverpool. The month when I shadowed the lord mayor was October. One of my many fantastic event was when I went (More)
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