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Nuhaa! [caption id="attachment_452" align="aligncenter" width="225"] Nuhaa's Spicy Homework based on last week's 'Comic Relief' and 'Red Nose Day'[/caption]   (More)
Zahraa! It is clear that you have learnt a lot of new scientific information about our Science topic; 'Animal, including Humans,' due to the impressive vocabulary that you have used in your labelled diagram! [caption id="attachment_156" align=" (More)
During our Local Geography Day, Year 6 had a focus of Toxteth: landscape, landmarks, industry and economy, timeline of events, as well as looking at the impact of The Toxteth Riots. The children worked incredibly well within their groups to create (More)
Well done, Hanna for your homework about New Year's Resolutions! Not just one, or two, but seven resolutions, and great layout and presentation, too!   (More)
Well done to Atifah and Ishaq for their homework; presenting a flashback or special memory from the past! Year 6 have been including an element of flashback within their writing in English, based on our class story, 'The Sleeping Sword' by Michael M (More)
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