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The first Hot Chilli of this half term is Abdul for some excellent graph work all about Kangaroos in Australia. I can’t believe just how many there are bouncing around the land down under! (More)
Year 4’s Hot Chilli from before half term was Alayna for her excellent painting and collage. What different materials can you see that she used? (More)
Here are the answers for the Cones and Spheres... And here are the answers for the Cylinders, Pyramids and Cuboids. (More)
Here are the answers for the Spheres and Cones work... And here are the answers for the Cylinders, Pyramids and Cuboids... (More)
Well done to Denzel for some excellent graph work in his Learning Log. Check it out below! (More)
Traffic moves slowly, like a trail of snails. Cars shout at each other with loud horns, barking like dogs. Kangaroos, as rough as a riverbed in a drought. The sea shines and shimmers like stars at night. The smell of freshly baked bread f (More)
This week’s ‘Hot Chilli’ is Leya for her fantastic, layered collage! It shows both the inside and outside of an Australian house and includes different plants within the collage! Keep an eye on the blog for next week’s Hot Chilli! [gall (More)
I searched about how many people in Australia and it was about 24,141,662 people in Australia and in Morocco was about 35,241,418 people in there. (More)
In my homework I made a comic strip around how Captain James Cook discovered Australia. By Emily (More)
Mrs Bradshaw wrote: Inspiration Day - Australia
Inspired by the settings in 'Mirror' by Jeannie Baker, today, Year 6 have taken a trip to Australia, along with visiting Year 4 in Morocco! In addition, Year 6 enjoyed guiding Year 4 on their tour of Australia; we hope you enjoyed the ANZAC biscui (More)
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