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My favourite book is Cat in a Bag. It is my favourite because I like the people in it and it's really nice. (More)
my favourite  book is sad it is about feelings  I like it because it is about feelings. I enjoy it because i find it really interesting and it helps people!   (More)
my favroute book is the princess and the pea beaucase  their is a princess  and the prince wants to  have a princess of his dreams he also wants to marry her then   a  princess came and nocked on the door the prince said oh my   gosh   (More)
my favorite book is Judy moody beaucause it.is funny and nice. (More)
my  favourite  book  is lucy's  magical surprise  because  it is  about  lot's of lovely  animals and   witches and  reindeers. (More)
Today, we had a little hunt around our classroom for magnetic and non-magnetic materials. What did you find Year 3? Can anyone else help us on our hunt for magnetic and non-magnetic materials? [gallery ids="487,486,485,484,483,482,481,480"] (More)
Miss Johnstone wrote: Homegrown Hero: Mia
As today is Children in Need, Year 3's Homegrown Hero is an inspirational young girl called Mia. Mia is a 10-year-old girl from Cardigan in Wales, who is currently battling with a very rare form of bone cancer called Osteosarcoma. As it is so rare, i (More)
Miss Johnstone wrote: Spicy homework winner!
This week's homework hero is....Sienna! Sienna wrote a wonderful blog all about a friction experiment we carried out in class. Sienna's scientific explanations show she is a budding scientist! Well done Sienna, another fantastic piece of homework, ke (More)
Miss Johnstone wrote: Friction Experiment
Today in science we were testing the effect different surfaces have on friction. We did this by trying to pick up jelly cubes with the back of metal spoons. We changed the surfaces by coating one jelly cube in sugar, one in oil and the third jelly cu (More)
Miss Johnstone wrote: Spicy Takeaway Homework.
Our homework hero this week is Jasmine! Jasmine created a a brilliant science quiz all about light. (More)
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