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Congratulations to Farhiya!   Excellent report on conductors and insulators!         (More)
Mr Chaplin wrote: Homework champion!
Welcome back! I hope everybody has enjoyed the first week back after the holiday. I haven't been in class this week but I've heard good reports about excellent effort in Year 4! This week's homework winner is John for his excellent boat, inspired by (More)
We have a bumper edition of spicy homework prizes this week as the new menu was sampled by everyone for the first time.   Inspired by our new History topic of Crime and Punishment, Jeomari has written a letter to a criminal from the past w (More)
Mr Chaplin wrote: Motte and Bailey cake!!
  Wow! Lanya is this week's homework prize winner for her fantastic cake representation of a Motte and Bailey castle! Inspired by our study of Norman Britain, Lanya has created a stunning model of their signature castles. Complete with th (More)
We have two winners this week. Congratulations to Fatma and Nataylia! Both girls have chosen to show off their writing skills; Nataylia with a poem inspired by Paul Delaney, and Fatma with a diary entry inspired by Roald Dahl. Well done girls! &nb (More)
Mr Chaplin wrote: Homework winner last week!
Apologies for the late blog post but big congratulations to last week's homework winners; Farhiya and Jeomari! First up is Farhiya's excellent diagram of the water cycle:   Jeomari showed off some of his latest Geography learning wi (More)
There was some excellent homework in Y4 this week and three people share the prize!   Well done to Hanan for her excellent Quentin Blake-esque illustrations of people doing handstands!     I also really enjoyed learn (More)
Mr Chaplin wrote: Homework winner this week
Congratulations to Hafizah for her shape poem!     Check out our blog over the next few days for more poetry we have written this week! (More)
Mr Chaplin wrote: Spicy Homework winner!
Congratulations to Hanan! I really enjoyed your poem about a leaf! I'm looking forward to our visit from the poet Paul Delaney on Monday!   (More)
Well done to Alan for his beautiful poem about space that won him the hot chilli hat for this week. I'm hoping he might post it as on the blog for everyone to see now that he can log in... watch this space! (More)
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