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Miss Johnstone wrote: Spicy homework winner!
This week's homework hero is....Sienna! Sienna wrote a wonderful blog all about a friction experiment we carried out in class. Sienna's scientific explanations show she is a budding scientist! Well done Sienna, another fantastic piece of homework, ke (More)
...is Zak! Take a look at his blog post about our Class Author, J.K. Rowling below... 'Here are some AMAZING facts about the, equally amazing, author of Harry Potter: J.K Rowling! Her real name is Joanne Rowling(no middle name) but her publi (More)
Miss Johnstone wrote: Spicy Takeaway Homework.
Our homework hero this week is Jasmine! Jasmine created a a brilliant science quiz all about light. (More)
Dear Year 4, I'm writing to tell you all about J.K Rowling since she is our class author;we are reading harry potter.I will tell you some facts i know about her,she was  born in 1965 also she was  25 when the Philosopher's Stone was out in (More)
Greetings Year 6, Today I will be sharing all of the facts I have researched and read about J.K - or should I say Joanne Rowling keep on reading to extend your knowledge even further...                                           (More)
Azrah! [gallery ids="414,415,416,417,418,419"] What an artistic and creative way to display the exciting things that you did in the half-term holidays! Brilliant homework, Azrah! (More)
The first Hot Chilli of this half term is Abdul for some excellent graph work all about Kangaroos in Australia. I can’t believe just how many there are bouncing around the land down under! (More)
Year 4’s Hot Chilli from before half term was Alayna for her excellent painting and collage. What different materials can you see that she used? (More)
18daania wrote: My Road Trip
For the half term, I went on a road trip to Scotland. It was really exciting since I saw many historic places. Firstly, I went to Glasgow and we went to the art museum. Secondly, we went Perth which had a massive river that was named Tay River and to (More)
Intisar! Some very thoughtful reasons for your wishes, from the Genie, in our Arabian Night Myth, and beautiful presentation! (More)
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