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On Saturday and Sunday,i was playing top eleven with my cousin and my uncle.My uncle started to play on Friday (i was in Arabic school).Firstly,i played with my cousin in friendly.First i won 3-0.Second match, my cousin won 3-0.In the aggerate,it was (More)
On Sunday, I went to Anfield with my dad. We tooked the bus to Anfield. I felt excited and nervous because it was windy but I was happy when I was going to Anfield. Once I arrived,the match was about to start yet I saw Mrs Campbell. The match started (More)
If you ever wondered what the different colours of the Brazilian flag mean, wonder no more! Jamiel researched and wrote all about the different parts; from the green background, to the blue circle in the centre. Check it out (along with the big (More)
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