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As kick off starts Real Madrid are doing superb passing and Isco has the ball. He's crossed it. Morata!!!! Its a goal for the Galacticos! Its his first goal for Real from the move away from Juventus and what a start! Excellent cross from Isco down to (More)
At first when the match started the birthday boy, Angel Da Maria scored a perfect freekick to make it 1-0 to PSG! Then the 21-23 year old newbie, Julian Draxler scored his first goal for PSG after a move from VFL WOLFSBURG! Then at half time it was 2 (More)
Last week seen the conclusion of the boys Target football league. They boys have been competing against 10 other schools in what has turned out to be a highly competitive competition. Our final game was against Mathew Arnold (League Winners), the (More)
Mr Davies wrote: Target Football update
The Target football league for KS2 boys is drawing to a conclusion. Before half term the boys played two games back to back against St Cleopas and Kingsley. The St Cleopas game was a fantastic game of football and gained lots of plaudits from the (More)
On Tuesday the Year 2 boys entered their first ever football competition. There was 10 other schools taking part in the competition organised by Everton FC. They boys where very excited and looked forward to the challenge that awaited them , knowi (More)
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