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Miss Horrocks wrote: Extreme Reading!
Here are Year 3’s fantastic entries for the Extreme Reading competition! Well done to all the children who entered! I’m sure you’ll agree that it looks like they had a lot of fun!   (More)
Year 5 has had its first entry into the Key stage 2 Extreme Reading Competition! Well done to Aryam for her Extreme Reading in bed - surrounded by hundreds of books! So come on Year 5, let's see who else has been caught Extreme Reading! (More)
Look who's been caught reading this week - it's only Year 5's very own Mr Hearnshaw! And he's taken a huge risk in reading on top of a huge bull (ok, not a real bull, but it's still pretty extreme!) Have you been caught reading in any 'extreme' pl (More)
Mr Hearnshaw wrote: Extreme Reading in Year 5
This year we have an exciting competition running at Windsor - Extreme Reading! You could win a £10 book voucher to spend on whatever book you like, or a special book prize. All you've got to do to be in with a chance of winning is bring in a pictur (More)
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