Our Vision
At Windsor Community Primary School we:
Promote a love of learning
Encourage children’s confidence, sense of responsibility and respect for all people
Work in partnership with families
All Windsor children, of all races, cultures, aptitude or ability, will be supported to achieve their potential as tomorrow’s adults.

Organisation of classes
The nursery has two part time classes. The first session runs from 9.00am to 12.00pm (older children) and the second sesson runs from 12.15pm to 3.15pm (younger children).
Children are admitted into our afternoon Nursery when they have turned the age of three. Staff from the Early Years Provision visit all new Nursery children and their parents in their home environment first before starting in Nursery. Parents are welcome to attend the first few Nursery sessions with their child to ease transition.
Each class has a teacher who is responsible for the class organisation, planning and teaching of work, monitoring and assessing the progress of the children in that class. We have a learning Support Assistant in each class and nursery nurses in the reception and nursery classes.

Foundation Stage Unit
This consists of two classrooms, where the children in nursery and reception are taught. Resources within this unit include a kitchen, a quiet area for reading activities and an interactive role play area. There is also a secure shared outdoor classroom area so that children in the foundation stage have access to a full outdoor curriculum.

Our Curriculum
Windsor is very well resourced and has excellent facilities to enable high quality teaching and learning. We aim to deliver a broad and balanced curriculum through the delivery of the National Curriculum and Religious Education.
The primary curriculum includes the core areas of learning and experience which are essential to children’s development and which are defined within the National Curriculum. These are:
Information and Communication Technology
Religious Education
Children will also study the following foundation subjects:
Design Technology
Physical Education
In addition to these statutory subjects basic Spanish is taught to all children in KS2 i.e. years 3, 4, 5 and 6. Swimming is also taught to all children in KS2.
We aim to provide a stimulating and exciting curriculum, by planning as many first hand experiences for our children as possible. Consequently, there are various educational visits, visitors to school and enriched school based activities, planned into our curriculum for each year group. All children are given the opportunity to take part in a residential visit, which takes part at various outdoor activity education centres. These are valuable experiences for our children they provide opportunities to develop the class community through team building activities, whilst developing other skills such as orienteering and problem solving.

Religious Education
Religious Education is an important part of the curriculum that extends children’s understanding of the world in which we live. Children learn about a variety of religions and attitudes and values of different communities and faiths. They are encouraged to explore their feelings, attitudes and values as individuals and as members of the local community and wider world.
At Windsor School we are not affiliated to any religious group but provide whole school assemblies and opportunities for reflective thought. We teach about and celebrate the major festivals of all the religions represented in our school. This involves moral teaching and stories from many cultures. If you feel that your child needs to be excused from attending religious education lessons or assemblies please discuss your concerns with the head teacher.

Working with disability
Our school has an open enrolment policy in line with the education Authority. We also have and Equal opportunities Policy and a Special Educational Needs policy in place.
At a practical level, our school is single story and wheelchair accessible at the front. All areas within the school are on one level and there is a disabled toilet for adults and children.

Special Educational Needs
At Windsor we believe in providing high quality education, catering for the individual needs of all our children.
The title Special Educational Needs encompasses children who need extra support with their learning and also children who excel in particular areas or across the curriculum.
For children who are experiencing learning difficulties, there is a code of practice which the school follows. Once the child has been identified by the class teacher they are then monitored by the Special Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO) who, along with the class teacher, organises a learning programme specific to the child’s individual needs. This is recorded on an IEP (Individual Education Plan) which is agreed by the parent and reviewed on a termly basis.

Children, from reception to year 6, are encouraged to complete homework activities. We encourage parents/carers to become involved in their child’s learning by helping and supporting their work at home. Every Friday your child will bring home a home/school sheet. This homework will be linked to either Numeracy, Literacy, Science or Topic. It is aimed to reinforce and extend children’s learning in school.Your child needs to bring their homework back to school on a Monday.
A key area in which parents/carers can support learning is through encouraging children to read a wide variety of books. All children are expected to read at home every day and the length of time for this depends on the age and ability of the child.
It is very important that your child attends school regularly but if he / she is unwell they should stay at home.
If your child is unable to attend school, for whatever reason, you must inform the school on the first day of absence. Please phone Ms. Creegan on 709 6769 so that the absence can be authorised. If this is not done, or a letter written to explain the absence, your child will be given an unauthorised absence mark. These are monitored very closely by the school and the Education Welfare Officer who, if absences give the school cause for concern, will visit the family.
Authorised absences cover things like sickness, hospital / doctor / dentist appointments, religious holidays, court attendance and funerals. Unauthorised absences cover things like shopping, visiting relatives, buying shoes, going for a haircut and trips out.
Under no circumstances may children go out of the school by themselves during school hours. Parents / carers who collect children to go to the dentist, doctor etc. must first see the school Admin. Officer, Mrs Burkhill, and the child will be collected from the classroom.

The school day begins at 9.00am and ends at 3.20pm.
It is very important that children arrive at school on time. A child will be recorded late if they arrive into the classroom after 9.10am. If it is wet in the morning, children may come in from 8.45am onwards. They must not come in before this time because there will be no-one in the classroom to supervise them. It is equally important that children should be picked up from school promptly. If for any reason you find you are going to be late, please contact the school so that we know what is happening. It can be very distressing for the child if we do not have this information. All children who are picked up late will be brought into the main reception area to wait and will be with their class teacher. It is also very important to let us know if someone different will be picking your child up from school.

Breakfast Club
Our Breakfast Club is open every school day at 7.45am. It is run by two of our Learning Support Assistants and one of our parents. The children can have cereals, fresh fruit, yogurts and toast to eat and a choice of milk, juice or water to drink. There are also lots of activities prepared for the children as well as a daily sports coach to support the children playing a range of sport.

Extra Curricular Activities
At Windsor we offer a wide range of extra-curricular activities which are extremely valuable experiences for our children. They help to develop many different skills and attributes which relate directly to our school aims. Many clubs are run voluntarily by our staff and some are run by outside providers. We also have a drumming group at school which we are very proud of. This group specialises in African rhythms. Our drummers have performed in venues all over the North West including the Lord Mayors Parade and the Philharmonic Hall. They rehearse every Wednesday after school.

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