At Windsor, we will always welcome applications for new pupils. And application forms can be obtained from the school office.

We are, however restricted by the local authority as to how many pupils we can have in a class. Currently we can accept 30 pupils for each class. Because of this, when a class is full, we will place any new applications on a waiting list. This will be in order of date received. Once a place becomes available, we will contact the first person on the list. If they no longer need the place, we will contact the next person until the place is filled.

If a year group is full, we can only offer a place to a new pupil if an existing pupil leaves. Unfortunately, we are not able to predict when a child might leave, so we are not able to give any indication about how long it will be until you are contacted.

The length of time it takes to get your child into our school will depend on whether or not there are any places, and how many people are on the waiting list. There is also the possibility that a place doesn’t become available at all during the school year.

We would therefore advise that once you have handed in your application form, you still continue to look for a place in other schools.

We understand how difficult this can be for you, and we apologise that we can’t be more specific with how your application will be progressed.

Please Note that we do not process applications for Reception places. This is done through the council. For further information please click on the following link to visit the school admissions section of the  Liverpool City Council website.

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